Bonnie and Stephen’s Wedding at Belmont Country Club

In the heart of Virginia, amidst the winter chill, Bonnie and Stephen chose to tie the knot in a beautiful Christmas wedding held at the prestigious Belmont Country Club. Their story is one of enduring love and commitment, and their decision to celebrate their union during the holiday season added an extra layer of magic to their special day. As a DC Wedding photographer, I am happy to share a few details about their celebration and the venue itself.

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Top Virginia Wedding Venue

Selecting the perfect venue for their wedding was a crucial decision. Bonnie and Stephen aimed to blend the charm of the Christmas season with the comfort of a memorable experience for their guests. Belmont Country Club, renowned for its picturesque setting, was an ideal choice.

The club’s lush greenery and timeless architecture provided a splendid backdrop. Its architecture is characterized by its Georgian-style mansion, surrounded by lush greenery and pristine golf courses. The venue was transformed into a winter wonderland, with tasteful holiday decorations, twinkling lights, and seasonal touches that created an inviting ambiance.

Cost and guest count

The cost of hosting a wedding at Belmont Country Club varies depending on various factors, including the day of the week, time of year, guest count, and specific package chosen. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Belmont Country Club offered a range of wedding packages starting from 14,000K for 100 guests. The venue can host up to 250 people.

Their wedding packages typically included services such as event planning, catering, and access to the club’s beautiful event spaces. Additional costs could be incurred for enhancements such as custom menus, premium bar packages, and special decor arrangements.

Indoor Ceremony and Reception

To preserve the intimacy of the moment during the wedding ceremony, the absence of flash photography was a creative choice that allowed me to truly immerse myself in the ambiance. Soft candlelight and strategically placed uplighting cast a gentle, romantic glow across the room. The dimly lit setting added an extra layer of emotion to the proceedings, and I knew I was in for a memorable experience.

As Bonnie and Stephen exchanged their heartfelt vows, the flickering candlelight accentuated their love and emotion. It was a photographer’s dream, as I aimed to capture every tender glance, every tear of joy, and every heartfelt smile. The challenge of working with ambient light instead of flashes pushed my skills to new heights, and the result was a series of photographs that truly embodied the warmth and magic of their indoor ceremony.

The reception was a joyous celebration of love and holiday spirit. The dining area featured exquisite holiday decor, including a magnificent Christmas tree, adding to the festive atmosphere. Guests enjoyed a mouthwatering holiday-inspired menu, with dishes like roasted turkey and cranberry sauce, followed by a delightful array of seasonal desserts.

The celebration was marked by heartfelt toasts, contagious laughter, and spirited dancing that continued late into the night.

Wedding Album as a Christmas Gift

Two years after Bonnie and Stephen’s enchanting Christmas wedding at Belmont Country Club, I received a heartwarming request from the groom, Stephen. He wanted to secretly work on designing a wedding album with me for Bonnie’s upcoming birthday.

As we collaborated to bring their wedding memories to life, I spent many hours curating a collection of photographs that encapsulated their love story. The resulting wedding album became a cherished keepsake, filled with the most beautiful moments from their special day.


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