Slice Of Life Engagement Session

Never heard of Slice of Life sessions? That’s ok, not many engagement photographers offer this type of non-traditional session.

So, what is it?

A “Slice of Life” engagement session is a photography session that aims to capture authentic moments of a couple’s everyday life or activities. Instead of posing in formal settings, I photograph my couple while engaging in activities they enjoy or moments that represent their relationship in a natural and candid way.

This type of session often takes place in familiar environments such as my couple’s home, their favorite coffee shop, a park they frequent, or any other meaningful location. The goal is to document their genuine interactions, emotions, and connections without staging or artificial setups.

Who is it for?

By focusing on your daily routines or shared interests, I believe that a “Slice of Life” session creates images that feel personal and intimate, providing a unique glimpse into your relationship and personalities. It’s about capturing the essence of who you are as a couple in a relaxed and authentic manner.

Katie and Chris’s session took place at their house. They love making cocktails together and spending time with their cats which came from a shelter. These two things are meaningful for them and they wanted to somehow get it captured during their engagement session. We opted for a home-based engagement session and they loved all their images. I got a text from Katie and Chris that truly touched me: “ These are incredible. You are such a talent, I am blown away! I’m just like so impressed by you. Also THANK YOU. It’s so nice to have these awesome photos”.


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