Nicole and Matt’s Malaysia Backyard Wedding

This was such a beautiful intimate backyard wedding in Washington DC. Nicole and Matt chose their home to host their backyard wedding and it was such a special moment to witness! I have to include their engagement story…it was perfect!

“…Matt was gifted a family ring from Nicole’s mother and secretly trained our dog Delta to find and retrieve the ring inside a small wooden box. The morning of his birthday, Matt had a local friend hide the box behind a tree in the park nearby and then stick around nearby to keep an eye on it. During their morning walk, Delta nailed her cue and pulled straight to that tree and retrieved the box, which Nicole confusedly opened to find a ring inside.”

How sweet was that engagement?! Matt and Nicole also shared a sweet first look.

Their first look was at Meridian Hill Park/Malcolm X, a beautiful place for a first look. You can read this blog post to see more about this Washington DC spot! They didn’t want a traditional first look and it was simple and sweet and Matt just walked down the stairs to his bride.

Their backyard wedding was also full of special traditions.

Nicole’s parents are Malaysians and they integrated beautiful traditions during the ceremony. They had a Manthrakodi ceremony, where the saree was placed over the head of the bride by the groom’s family. Nicole and Matt’s backyard ceremony was very intimate. The officiant is their best friend and shared during their ceremony how they met and how they started dating. She was the witness to their new love and was overwhelmed to be the one marrying them. It was emotional and so special and I am so thankful to have been chosen to document this for Matt and Nicole.

Are you planning your wedding in Washington DC?

I have a very documentary style and I do not stage too many photos during your wedding day. If that is what you are looking for, I would love to talk more with you. You can get in contact with me here.


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