Kathryn and Matt’s Wedding at Liriodendron Mansion

Picture this: a drizzly day in Maryland, where raindrops danced on the petals of blooming flowers, setting the scene for Kathryn and Matthew’s love-filled celebration at the lovely Liriodendron Mansion. The weather may not have been the sunniest companion, but oh, the charm it brought to their day— all thanks to the wizardry of Gabrielle at Empire Event Design.

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The Liriodendron Mansion

Nestled in the heart of Maryland, The Liriodendron Mansion stands as a testament to timeless elegance. This couple chose this venue for the outdoors: stately architecture, lush gardens, and intimate spaces. Fortunately, even if it rained all day, the mansion provided a dreamy backdrop, making every moment feel like a scene from a fairytale!

As raindrops gently tapped on the mansion’s windows, Gabrielle from Empire Event Design worked her magic to ensure a seamless celebration. From the indoor ceremony to the carefully curated reception, every detail was thoughtfully executed. Gabrielle’s expertise turned potential challenges into opportunities for cozy moments and unexpected beauty.

from outdoor to indoor wedding

As a Maryland wedding photographer, the task of capturing the day indoors for the full eight hours sparked a wave of creativity. The mansion’s interiors became a playground for innovative shots, from the sweeping staircase to the charming nooks that whispered tales of the past. The rain may have confined the celebration inside, but it opened doors to a myriad of possibilities, resulting in a collection of photographs that tell a story of warmth, laughter, and love.

Kathryn loved the rain and was not disappointed when the decision was made to move the celebration inside. During our walkthrough, the mansion coordinator explained to us how the wedding would be in case of rain so there were no surprises the day of.

The ceremony, reception, and party took place inside. For the ceremony, the florist’s work contributed to the elegant and classic atmosphere of the altar’s backdrop. Lal Moya Weddings & Events further enhanced the ceremony space, giving it a garden vibe.

Kathryn and Matthew’s vendor team took care of everything and made it seem flawless. Only the cocktail hour was set outside, right under the covered columns of the terrace so that guests would not be bothered by the rain. While people were enjoying their cocktails, the catering company, Basta Pasta, transformed the Mansion’s ceremony room into an amazing and cozy reception space.

Music played a pivotal role in maintaining the lively spirit of the day, and ShiVish ENT emerged as the maestro of melodies. Despite the weather’s insistence on a quiet outdoor affair, ShiVish ENT’s beats resonated through the mansion, inviting guests to dance away any rainy day blues. Their ability to adapt and create the perfect ambiance added an extra layer of joy to Kathryn and Matthew’s celebration.

With Gabrielle’s seamless coordination, the timeless beauty of the venue, and the rhythmic magic of ShiVish ENT, the rainy day became a canvas for a great celebration.

Thank you Kathryn for your kind words published on my Google Review page!

Natasha is seriously the best of the best. She was unbelievably kind and professional and even ran with us to take pictures during a wedding foot race! She had the most amazing ideas for different shots and I can not express my appreciation for her enough! Please book with her, you would never regret it

The Liriodendron’s Vendor Team

Planner: @empireeventdesignllc
Photography: @natasha.lamalle
Florals: @moyaweddings
DJ @shivishent
Catering: @basta_pasta
Rentals: @whitegloverentals
Venue: @theliriodendronmansion

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