5 Questions To Always Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Plus 3 bonus Questions answered

Hiring a Washington DC Photographer can be draining… We are so many, with different styles, different personalities, and different client services. During your search, there are a few things to keep in mind: don’t just go through The Knot and The Wedding Wire. Not all photographers are paying thousands of dollars to be on their listing (I’m not). So use Google to find photographers in your area.

Once you’ve found 2 or 3 photographers that you like and seem to be in your price range, here are 5 questions you should ask them and 3 questions answered.

What you should absolutely ask your wedding photographer

How would you describe your photography style and philosophy?

On my website, I go over my style so when you inquire with me, you know what to expect! I edit my weddings close to their real colors. No muted tones or variation of colors. I try my best to use my editing power to embellish your photos or create a creative angle. All of that said, every wedding is different because the look of your day will depend on the available light (sunny or rainy, indoor or outdoor) or the use of flash.

In terms of values and philosophy, I like to tell the story of your wedding day by blending in and capturing what would have happened naturally without me there. Named Top 150 International Wedding Photographers, I am proud to be recognized for my skills as a photojournalist and wedding photographer, the best way to document a wedding for a couple who wants to feel the emotions in their photos when they look at them.

Ask to see full galleries of weddings they’ve done in the past!

You may have found a photographer’s style that you like through their social media or website pages, but one of the best ways to make sure that you love your photographer’s photography style is to ask to see a full gallery of a wedding. Bonus points, if they have shot a wedding at your specific location or venue. Seeing a full gallery will help you better understand their style throughout the day. You’ll be able to see group photos, individual photos, candids, and shots in all different light situations.

How do you ensure that the photos won’t be lost or damaged?

I have read many stories of newly married couples who find themselves disappointed because their wedding photographer did not have a backup memory card and the only one they used got damaged. I always shoot dual cards and back up all my photos on two separate hard drives the second I get home. That way, I never lost a single shot!

What’s the turnaround time to get the fully edited photos?

Turnaround time is crucial, as it ensures your expectations are clearly defined and helps prevent disappointment. Depending on the photographer, this timeframe can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months, making it a crucial question to ask. Waiting for 3 months may be a deal breaker for some. In all my packages, I include a turnaround timeline of 4-6 weeks, providing my couples with a clear understanding of what to expect and when!

Can we order prints or albums directly from you?

One of the best ways to preserve your wedding photos is to get them printed! Your wedding is a special day and the photos deserve to be seen. Many photographers offer some sort of design and/or print services for printing photos or albums. Ask your photographer what options are available for you. I know my clients love my albums. You can take a peek at my Album page here.


You are getting married for the first time and haven’t worked with a professional photographer before. So here are some questions that are answered here so you understand what you’re asking.

How many pictures will I receive?

How many pictures you receive depends on the number of hours you book. In general, you can expect to receive around 50-75 images per hour so if you book photography coverage for 6 hours, you will get around 300-450 photos. For my clients, I aim to deliver between 400 and 500 curated photos that are the best representation of each part of your wedding day and I do value quality over quantity. It’s best to remember that this is just an estimate. Your photographer may deliver more or less depending on what you have planned for the day and how much time you allot for portraits.

Can we speak with past clients?

Client experience is something I value with each of my clients. My true happiness comes from providing the best, most fun experience and feelings of happiness to every couple when they look back through their photographs. That’s why I’ve been so fortunate to have won multiple awards and have a steady 5/5 star client rating over the years. While I don’t allow you to reach out directly to my clients for privacy reasons, you can read everything they have to say about their experience with me here.

Can we have the RAW files for every image taken at our wedding?

As a professional wedding photographer, I make it a policy not to deliver any RAW files for photos. A RAW photo is not a photo. It is simply data that requires special software to process. The magic in your photos happens during the editing process. During editing, the photo processes from the data file into the photo you see when I deliver your gallery. I spend a lot of time on each image tweaking it to make it look the best it can be. I want to provide you with photos that you will love and by providing you with the complete edited gallery, I am able to do so! If you have any questions about editing or want to purchase additional photos, you can always reach out for more information!

So there you have it! Three questions you should ask when booking a wedding photographer, and a few you now know the answer! If you’re ready to start planning your wedding photography, send me an inquiry! I’d love to chat!


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