5 Ideas for Including Kids In Your Wedding

Whether you’re blending families, have children together already, or simply want to include your favorite little ones in your wedding, there are so many fun and special ways to include kids in your wedding. From having them help you during the planning process to giving them a role on the big day, there are plenty of ways to let the children of your life feel like they have a special role to play. Keep reading for some ideas for including kids at your wedding.

Get them involved in the planning

Having kids be involved during the planning process is a great way to help them feel special and included right from the beginning. Need help with your invitations? Have them help you seal envelopes and put stamps on them before you send them out. Does your child enjoy shopping? Why not take them with you to go dress shopping and find the perfect wedding outfit? If all else fails, what kid wouldn’t love to help you cake test and find the perfect cake flavor? There are so many ways to get kids involved prior to the wedding that can also help them feel like they played a part in helping it all come together.

Let them get ready with you

The big day has finally arrived! No doubt you and your children are excited. One way to let them in on the excitement prior to the ceremony is to have them get ready with you. Let them get pampered by having their hair and makeup done or make them feel like they are one of the grownups by simply spending the morning hours with the rest of the wedding party.

Plan a first look

An alternative to having your children get ready with you is to plan a first look. First looks can go both ways too. A bride can do a first look with her children or the children can do a first look with the parents. Have you ever seen a daddy/daughter first look? If not, I promise you’re in for a treat! No doubt you all will be in anticipation and having everyone’s reactions will not only make for some amazing photos but will also be an intimate time for you to connect before the rest of the day’s activities.

Invite them to be a part of the wedding ceremony

This might be one of the biggest ways for including children at weddings. Give the children a role in the ceremony. Maybe you want to go the untraditional route and have them walk you down the aisle. Or, maybe they want to make their own entrance and be a flower girl/boy, ring bearer, bridesmaid, or groomsman. Do they have a special talent? Why not have them sing a song or play an instrument during the ceremony? You can have them be involved as much as little as you want just don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Offer Kid-Focused Activities

When it comes to the party, everyone wants to have a good time. A great way to make the kids feel special is to plan a menu or activities just for them. A kids’ dance floor with a customized playlist is a great way to get them moving and have tons of fun. You can even add an activity station filled with crafts and games for all ages. Want to take it a step further? Why not come up with a kids’ menu complete with fun mocktails? A Shirley Temple anyone?

Including kids in your wedding is all about how you want them to be a part of your day! From as early as the planning stages all the way up until the reception party, there are so many ways to let your children be involved in your special day.

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