14 Best Vegan Wedding Caterer in Washington DC

If you practice veganism then having a vegan wedding may be an option you want to consider. Including vegan practices and choices in your wedding is a great way to share your personality and lifestyle with your guests. It allows you to incorporate values that are meaningful to you and your partner and invite your guests to share in those values as well.

One of the best and most common ways to plan a vegan wedding is through your food choices. You may choose to go 100% vegan or primarily vegan while including some non-vegan options as well. No matter which way you go, planning a vegan wedding can be fun. To help, I’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best plant-based wedding caterers in Washington DC as you prepare for your vegan wedding.

14 Best Vegan Wedding Caterers in Washington DC

DC Vegan

DC Vegan is an Italian-American deli and catering company offering casual or full-service catering options. They even have their own event space for rent for up to 35 guests. DC Vegan works to co-create a better world with its clients while upholding their values of cruelty-free living and building a sustainable future.

Amelia Irene Catering & Event Design

Amelia Irene founded her business in 2008 out of a belief that there is always a reason to celebrate! This boutique catering and event design company specializes in plant-based menus customized specifically for you as well as wedding and event planning services making this the perfect one-stop shop for your wedding needs.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

If you are looking for a fine dining option then Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is a perfect choice. This restaurant offers catering or private dining in their upscale dining room for up to 120 guests. With over 30 years of industry experience, their team is ready to help walk with you to curate your menu and plan the perfect event!

Shaleafa’s Kitchen

Best known for their Pineapple Fried Rice Bowls, Shaleafa’s Kitchen is a local DC restaurant whose menu is inspired by flavors from around the world. With catering and private event services, this restaurant is sure to provide innovative and soulful cuisine for your vegan wedding.

Archaikos Foods

Archaikos Foods is a Greek roots vegan food producer that creates all its recipes from scratch in small batches. They are 100% dairy and animal product free and commit to providing food that has never been frozen. With both a delicious and ethical menu, what more could you ask for?

Sweet Sosumba

Located in the heart of Washington DC Sweet Sosumba is a Jamaican vegan cafe that specializes in soy-free Caribbean vegan cuisine. You can’t go wrong with any of the items off their delectable menu and you may just even find your new favorite local lunch spot in the process.

Zoe’s Vegan Delight

Zoe’s Vegan Delight is a vegan catering company that specializes in healthy and delicious vegan food. Without using any animal or GMO ingredients in any of their dishes they boast a delicious menu that promises to serve both your needs and your appetite.


What could be more fun than having a vegan street food menu at your wedding? A 100% plant-based restaurant, Shouk is committed to being sustainable in more than just their menu. They are working to provide solutions for climate change and be more sustainable through things like renewable packaging. Their menu items are inspired by street markets and crafted from only the freshest of ingredients.


If you are looking for a more affordable/casual option for your vegan wedding menu, then HipCityVeg is the way to go! This company offers plant-based fast-food menu items that are sure to hit the spot! With eight locations across Philidelphia and Washington DC, there is no shortage of convenient locations to choose from either!

Nu Vegan Cafe

With 3 locations across Maryland and DC, Nu Vegan is a family-owned restaurant that strives to serve delicious vegan fare while also being a local spot to build community. They offer catering for events and seasonal food trucks which can be a fun alternative to the typical wedding reception buffet.

Sticky Fingers Bakery

While this may not be your typical dinner catering company, Sticky Fingers Bakery is the go-to place in Washington DC for plant-based sweets. This 100% vegan bakery was founded in 2002 and offers custom orders & delivery for DC locals as well as Bake-It-Yourself/Decorate-It-Yourself dessert kits.

Chaia Tacos

No catering menu is complete without tacos! With their plant-focused menu, Chaia Tacos truly offers something for everyone and places a focus on serving good food created with local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients!

Get Plated Catering

Get Plated Catering is a catering company with a focus on designing menus unique to you while emphasizing seasonal items. While this boutique catering company is not 100% plant-based, they work to craft a menu that is specific to you and your guests so this can be a great option for those looking to offer different dietary selections.

Spilled Milk Catering

This fun catering company also offers a range of dietary foods and focuses on making food the center of your wedding. Spilled Milk Catering works with you to create a menu that matches your style and preferences and all their items are beautifully crafted and presented.

Planning a vegan wedding menu can be a fun and exciting process! With so many amazing wedding caterers in Washington DC, you can find the perfect match for you and your guests’ dietary needs.

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