The Guestbook, a beautiful way to use your engagement photos

After years of being an engagement photographer in Washington DC, I finally realized that I could help my couples using their photos efficiently after our session! Of course, save-the-date cards are a great way to use one or two photos of the session, but an album allows to use between 15 and 20 images. A great way to use a maximum of your photos!

What is a guest book?

Your guestbook is made before your wedding. The goal is to get your friends and family to leave you a note. If you want people to see it, you will probably lay the book on a table at the entrance of the wedding venue. Make sure to actually ask people to leave a note because it’s easy for them to forget, there are already so many things going on during a reception!

What pens are the best to write in this book? While Sakura Micron pens and standard Sharpies (not the pen) work great, I really love Slick Writers.

The tradition is to leave your signature to show that you were at the wedding but you can ask them specific questions: What is the secret to a great marriage? What will you remember most about today? Got any good stories about us? Give your words of wisdom to the couple!

How do you create a guest book?

I design the album just like an engagement book except that I leave spaces between pictures so there is some space to write. The album paper I use is perfect to be written on (super important!). Then, I ask my couple which color they want for their cover (I have more than 10 different options). I also offer an engraving option to write your names and the date of your wedding!

Anita and Billy hired me for a fall engagement session in Rockville last November. They love printing photos so it was no surprise to see their engagement photos on their wall when I went to deliver their guest book! You can see the result below.

They were ecstatic to see their book and they can’t wait to show it to their guests in October for their wedding! Here are some very nice feedback from them!

What was the reason you ultimately chose to hire Natasha Lamalle Photography instead of another photographer? Natasha Lamalle’s photography style is exquisite. Such a gorgeous portfolio! It’s her documentary style that really captures those delightful intimate moments. Knowing these moments of intimate intricacies can be captured was the ultimate reason. As well as great communication and response times. I always felt so supported and informed throughout the whole process.

How could your experience have been better? Our experience was perfection! Honestly couldn’t have asked or dreamed of a better experience. The one we had was delightful and memorable.

How would you describe your experience working with Natasha Lamalle Photographyto a friend? A dream!! Would say to my friend stop looking for any other photographer, that this is the one!


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