5 Reasons to Get A Wedding Album

As a wedding photographer in the DC area, one of my favorite things, besides capturing moments, is to bring those moments to life in print! Wedding albums play a crucial role in my couples’ experience with me. They trust that I can help immortalize their special day by not only capturing it through photographs but also by creating physical prints for their home. Whether they envision displaying the pictures in their living room or desire the most exquisite handmade album they’ve ever seen, I am here to make it happen.

Holding one of the most significant days of your life in your hands, flipping through the pages, and reminiscing about the feelings of being surrounded by everyone you love — these emotions stem from the ability to relive the best moments as documented by your photographer through your wedding album.

  1. Professional Expertise and quality

    There is nothing easier for me than creating the perfect design for my wedding couples. In fact, the album design process begins on the wedding day when I strive to envision and capture images with my couple’s album in mind. My understanding of storytelling enables me to select the best images for a cohesive narrative.

    Wedding albums obtained through professional wedding photographers are no joke. The superior print quality and materials used in these albums are unparalleled and incomparable to those you can print online. I won’t delve into the intricate details, such as the UV coating on the pages or the type of paper designed to last for a century, but you get the idea — it’s top-notch quality.

  2. Customization and Personalization

    Just as in our wedding planning, I customize everything, from the way you prefer to communicate to your timeline preferences. Listening to my couples is crucial to me, allowing me to assist them in selecting the best options for their wedding albums. I firmly believe that a personalized album should mirror the unique style and personality of the couple I am working with.

    Throughout our process, I guide my couples through every decision they need to make. What cover albums do they like, and what layout do they prefer? This is a collaborative effort, and my design is always the result of our work together. I genuinely enjoy this part — creating a heirloom is truly exciting!

  3. Archive your photos

    Here’s the thing: do you still have your digital high school photos somewhere? I had a ton of pictures of my friends taken with my first 2-pixel camera. I stored all of them on a CD and then on a thumb drive, and now… I don’t even know where they are. I’ve lost so many digital pictures over the years. I don’t mess around anymore; if I want to keep and actually look back on certain photos, I make an album. Pure and simple.

    Keep in mind that technology advances at an astonishing pace, and file formats can become outdated or incompatible over time and pretty quickly. Unlike digital files that may require specific software or devices to access, an album is a tangible item that can be enjoyed without dependency on evolving technologies.

  4. Your First Legacy

    Wedding albums are undoubtedly family heirlooms to cherish. If you’re fortunate, you may have albums from your grandparents and parents. In my case, I only have a single photo of my grandparents from a local photography studio, and my parents printed a few pictures now tucked away in a drawer. What you create with a professional album will endure for generations, making it a beautiful gift for your family.

    One of my most treasured moments was when my son began flipping through the pages of my wedding album and excitedly screamed, ‘Mommy!’ You can watch the adorable moment in my IG video here. Perhaps I’m biased, but I think it’s the cutest moment ever.”

  5. The final chapter of my experience

    The creation of a wedding album serves as the final chapter in the wedding experience. My couples enjoy taking extra time with me to finalize how they will use their professional pictures. The day I deliver their album is usually a wonderful moment together, and seeing the satisfaction on their faces is the best! I love the smiles and laughter I hear when they look through their album for the first time.

    However, I’m not there for the best part: every time they have guests or family visiting, they share it over and over again, spending many moments talking about that day or a particular photo they love. Perhaps someone has passed away, and seeing that person in the wedding album brings a moment of joy.

Jill and Mike flipping through their album for the first time. By Natasha Lamalle Photography.

Creating a wedding album with your photographer can be a significant investment that is worth it for many years to come. There is no better feeling than being able to share your favorite moments of your wedding day with your loved ones through a tangible book.


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