How To Plan an Engagement Session In Georgetown

The neighborhood of Georgetown offers a romantic and charming location for an engagement session in Washington DC. Whether you have an emotional attachment to this neighborhood or you just love the architecture of this historical location, I’d love to help you!

In this blog post, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to plan an unforgettable engagement session in Georgetown, ensuring that your photos reflect your unique connection with each other.

A couple poses in front of DC LaDurée shop.

How and when to prepare for your session in Georgetown

  1. Understanding Your Vision: As your photographer, my goal is to create images that reflect your love and personality authentically. Why are you choosing to do an engagement session? Share your ideas, inspirations, and any specific locations or elements that hold significance to you as a couple. This will allow me to tailor the session to your unique story, ensuring that we capture the essence of your relationship in every frame.

  2. Scouting the Perfect Locations: Georgetown offers plenty of lovely locations that can add depth and beauty to your engagement photos. As a DC photographer, I am well-acquainted with the neighborhood’s hidden gems and iconic sites. Above, I’ve listed a few locations that you can consider for your photoshoot.

  3. Timing and Lighting Considerations: To achieve the most captivating images, timing and lighting play a crucial role. I will help you find the ideal time of day for your engagement session, taking into account the unique lighting conditions of Georgetown. The golden hour, one hour before the sunset, ensures a soft, golden light for your photos. I will guide you in planning the session timeline to make sure that we make the most of Georgetown’s beautiful lighting.

  4. Incorporating Personal Touches: Infusing your engagement session with personal touches creates a deeper connection to the images. Share any sentimental items, props, or activities that hold significance to your relationship. Whether it’s incorporating a cherished item, or showcasing a shared hobby, these personal touches will add authenticity and depth to your photos. Let’s discuss these elements and brainstorm creative ways to incorporate them into the session.

  5. Relax and Enjoy the Experience: I don’t pose or create cheesy photos. I love to direct my couple and play words and action games so you can have fun. And if you have fun, your photos will look fun. That’s my golden rule!

Where to plan your engagement session in Georgetown?

When it comes to engagement session locations in Georgetown, you’ll find a lot of recommended spots. Here are some recommended locations to consider, and one of my favorites:

  1. Georgetown Waterfront: The Georgetown Waterfront offers stunning views of the Potomac River, lined with charming walkways, parks, and iconic landmarks. It makes it very easy for me to capture unposed moments with the Key Bridge in the back.

  2. Georgetown University: The grandeur and architectural beauty of Georgetown University provide a timeless backdrop for engagement photos. We can go explore your favorite spots on campus, with its historic buildings, panoramic courtyards, and lovely walkways. The iconic Healy Hall and Copley Crypt Chapel are especially known spots for capturing the heart of this prestigious institution.

  3. C&O Canal: The historic Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, known as the C&O Canal, is a picturesque location that offers a romantic and rustic setting for engagement sessions. The tree-lined pathways, stone bridges, and old-fashioned lock houses create a captivating ambiance.

  4. Book Hill Park: You will find this hill at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Reservoir Road. This location is a quiet and serene setting for your photoshoot. The park features a lovely gazebo, dense vegetation, and exquisite landscaping. It’s a perfect spot for intimate shots.

  5. Tudor Place: This is a historic house and garden which offers a combination of polish and raw beauty. I hold this place dear in my heart as my husband and I did our first look there. You can go and explore the picturesque grounds, including the rose garden, the reflecting pool, and its many romantic pathways. Note that there is a $200 permit required to plan a photoshoot there.


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