Top 5 Reasons to Get Engagement Pictures Before Your Wedding

If you’ve just recently gotten engaged first, congratulations! Your engagement is such a fun time in your life and one that deserves to be celebrated! One of the best ways to celebrate your engagement is by taking professional engagement photos. An engagement photo session is a great time to connect with your partner and celebrate this exciting phase of your life!

While engagement photos are very common they are also completely optional. Even though it’s not required to take engagement photos, there are so many reasons why it is a great idea to take them before your wedding. If you’re on the fence and wondering whether or not you should take engagement photos, this post has got you covered with 5 reasons to get engagement pictures before your wedding!

1. Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer

No doubt one of the first vendors you will consider for your wedding is your wedding photographer and a good way to get to know your wedding photographer prior to the wedding is by scheduling engagement photos with them. During your engagement photo session, you will not only get to meet your photographer in person, but you will also learn more about their personality and start to understand how the three of you will work together to get the best shots. This time will help create trust with your photographer while creating a deeper relationship with them that will come in handy on your wedding day!

2. Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

It’s completely normal to be nervous about your engagement photo session, especially if you’ve never had professional photos taken before. You may feel awkward and uncomfortable posing in front of the camera and a great way to get rid of some of those nerves is to simply schedule a session and practice getting more comfortable.

During the engagement photo session, you will also be able to practice your favorite poses as well as figure out which ones work and which ones don’t. Throughout the session, you’ll start to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and by the end of it, you will feel more confident and at ease which will come in very handy on your wedding day!

3. Get Professional Photos of the Two of You that Aren’t Wedding Pics

Think back to the last time you had professional photos taken with you and your partner? If you’re like most couples, the answer could be never! Having your engagement pictures taken is a great way to not only capture this special moment in your life but to document your everyday life together. Think about the things you and your partner enjoy doing together and try incorporating those into your engagement photo session. This will help not only document your life but also create photos that are unique to you and your relationship.

You may also be wondering if engagement photos are really necessary. After all, won’t you be receiving hundreds of beautiful wedding photos? While that is true, your engagement and wedding photos are just pieces of your story so why not capture both so you can look back on this special time in your life and reminisce about the beautiful moments together.

4. Use The Photos for Your Website, Save-the-Dates, or Guestbook

One of the perks of having professional engagement photos taken is that you can print and display the photos in your home. While cell phone/digital photos are great, there’s nothing quite like being able to print and hold photos in your hand. Aside from this though, engagement pictures can be used for a number of things when it comes to your wedding. Things like your wedding website, save-the-dates, or wedding guestbook are all great places to incorporate your engagement pictures. You can also print and display photos at your wedding or create a slideshow. There are truly so many options and your engagement photos can be used for!

5. Have Fun With it and Find a Location You Want to Remember

Your engagement photo session is a time to have fun! Think about what you and your partner enjoy doing together and plan your photo session around that. Choose a location that is meaningful to you, whether that is your first date spot or your favorite coffee shop. The location you choose can have meaning for you already or just be a place you’ve always dreamed of going to together so have fun with it and make the location one that you will look back on fondly for years to come.

Engagement pictures are one of the best ways to document your love story. Ready to plan your engagement photo session? Head on over to my contact page to get started! If you are still looking for the perfect location for your engagement photos, take a look at my list of the best engagement locations in Washington DC.


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