How to Plan your Wedding at Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill Park in Washington DC is one of the most gorgeous places to plan your wedding! If you are recently engaged and planning your wedding, this location in Meridian Hill Park would be perfect for you if you want a small and intimate wedding or are planning on having a small elopement!

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The history of Meridian Hill Park and why I love this location for a wedding or elopement.

Meridian Hill Park is located in the Washington DC neighborhood of Columbia Heights and sits exactly 1.5 miles north of the White House. The park was modeled after urban parks found in European cities which naturally creates such a unique and gorgeous atmosphere for a wedding. There is a lot of Italian Renaissance influence with fountains and cascades in the lower half, and the upper mall area of Meridian Hill Park was created to hold large gatherings and concerts! The park is also known by the locals here in Washington DC as “Malcolm X Park”. It got that name to honor the minister and activist, Malcolm X, following a speech made by activist in Angela Davis in 1969.

Meridian Hill Park is full of so much variety that it makes an amazing photography location! You are able to get a lot of gorgeous greenery backdrop with the trees but also the more classy and European style with the fountains and cascade pools. Meridian Hill Park is also an amazing location to be able to capture the beautiful view of Washington DC which would create stunning wedding photos. It is a perfect location in Washington DC for an intimate wedding or elopement that is a little bit off the beaten path and not totally obvious and busy like a location such as the National Mall.

Here are a few tips for planning your wedding at Meridian Hill Park!

You must have a permit to hold your wedding here. The entrance to the park is free, however if you a planning to get married inside the park you will need to obtain a permit through the national park service. You can visit this link where there is more information on regulations and how to get in contact to obtain a permit for your wedding in Meridian Hill Park. I can also help you with all of this and answer questions for you if you’d like to book me as your wedding photographer.

Your ceremony must be held between the hours of 9am and 5pm, however I recommend holding it early in the day so you can avoid the possibility of any crowds! My favorite time of year in Meridian Hill Park is during the fall so you can capture the beauty of the colors and the trees changing!

Parking may be a little difficult so I suggest not driving here and walking if able, carpooling, or taking public transit! Here is a link to suggested parking around the park with prices.

If you are looking to plan your wedding in a gorgeous location around Washington DC, here you have it! A gorgeous location in the heart of the city with a DC view.

I would love to be your wedding photographer and capture your wedding day for you. You can contact me here or visit my website at this link.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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