Top Romantic Proposal Locations in Washington DC

Washington DC is an amazing place to be in love making it the perfect city to pop the big question in a romantic way! Of course, there are many historical locations to visit, but there is also a great variety of nature and city landscapes that are sure to be the ideal place for your romantic proposal in DC. You can also check my proposal services and contact me to learn more about the experience.

Most of my partners in crime (yes, the person I usually plot with) pick a place that has a sentimental value to them. During our pre- proposal consultation, we talk about different locations and I help them finding the best spot visually, but also emotionally, to create a wonderful moment for their partner.

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How do you find the right location for your proposal?

I gathered 4 tips to help you choose the right location for your partner when planning a proposal in Washington DC. Before checking my list of locations, read these first!

  1. Personalization: Selecting a location that holds significance for your relationship adds a personal touch to the proposal. It could be where you first met, had your first date, or shared a special moment, making the proposal more meaningful.

  2. Atmosphere: The ambiance of the chosen location plays a crucial role in setting the mood. Whether it’s a scenic outdoor spot, a cozy restaurant, or a private setting, the atmosphere enhances the emotional impact of the proposal.

  3. Logistics: Practical considerations such as accessibility, weather conditions, and timing are crucial. Ensure that the chosen location is easily reachable, and plan accordingly to avoid any logistical challenges like traffic, above all if you planning to propose during rush hour.

  4. Privacy: Depending on personal preferences, some individuals may prefer a private, intimate setting for their proposal. Others may enjoy a more public display. Choosing a location that aligns with your partner’s comfort level is essential.

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In a DC Park or garden

The Yards Park

The Yards Park’s serene ambiance, framed by lush greenery, the tranquil Potomac River, and meandering pathways, offers a sense of tranquility that is essential for such a momentous occasion. That’s why Jake picked this location to propose to his girlfriend Liz. We agreed to go for the sunset when the park starts glowing from the golden hour. With its romantic atmosphere, The Yard Park is one of the best places to propose if you like an intimate, romantic location to put your knee down. Address: The Yards Park, 355 Water St SE. Check out Jake’s proposal.

The Bishop’s Garden

The Bishop’s Garden of the Washington National Cathedral in D.C. is a unique location for a proposal, and for good reason. Perched high on a hill, the garden offers breathtaking panoramic views of the nation’s capital, including iconic landmarks such as the Washington National Cathedral. The combination of the majestic cathedral’s Gothic architecture and the garden’s tranquility provides a stunning, romantic backdrop. This is why Sean picked this place to propose on a Saturday night, before going out with his fiancée! Address: Washington National Cathedral, Pilgrim Rd.

National Arboretum

You can’t beat the National Arboretum if you’re looking for a proposal location with stunning landscapes and nature. With over 400 acres, the arboretum is not only a great place for engagement photos, but it is also one of my all-time favorite places to see the cherry blossoms in Washington DC. The Arboretum provides plenty of parking and tends to be very private so you can fully enjoy your proposal experience. If you’re planning on getting engaged in the Spring, definitely consider the National Arboretum. Your background will be filled with beautiful pink and white blossoms giving you photos filled with color. Check out Chan’s Proposal there during the cherry blossoms. Address: 3501 New York Avenue, NE

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is a great place to set up a picnic and pop the question! Covering over 2,000 acres, this urban oasis provides an ideal backdrop for this unique moment between the two of you. With its lush greenery, winding paths, and the soothing sounds of Rock Creek, it’s a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Whether you’re planning to propose with a picnic, a leisurely walk, or simply under the shade of the park’s towering trees, the park’s natural beauty will make your engagement moment all the more special.

Tregaron Conservancy

Tregaron Conservancy is a meticulously maintained garden oasis in the Northwest part of DC. This park is a hidden gem that provides a charming and intimate setting for a proposal. Tregaron boasts well-manicured gardens, historical architecture, and serene walking paths. It’s an ideal place to ask your question, surrounded by the beauty of lush vegetation and the soothing melodies of birds and flowing water. Your proposal at Tregaron Conservancy will definitely be a moment of joy and romance, without any other people around, in a great and quiet setting.

The Spanish Steps

Tucked away in between the busy roads of Washington DC’s beautiful Kalorama neighborhood, the Spanish Steps are an urban oasis for visitors. Surrounded by flowering trees and lush greenery these stairs make for an excellent engagement photo location (check out this engagement session to see what I’m talking about.) At the top of the stairs sits a water fountain. While the stairs can get quite busy on the weekends, they tend to be more relaxed during the week, making this an ideal time to plan your romantic proposal. Address: 1725 22nd Street, NW.

Indoor Proposal Locations

In a bookstore

Choosing the neighborhood Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. for a proposal is like hitting the romance jackpot. It’s not just about the picture-perfect views and the charming streets; it’s about the vibes that make it a perfect spot to pop the question. The cozy cobblestone streets and adorable row houses give it that old-school, classic feel. Plus, there’s something about proposing in a place with so much history and political significance that adds an extra layer of meaning to your love story. There are also many options such as Eastern Market or even your favorite store! Austin chose to propose at Capitol Hill Books! We contacted the bookstore and asked if it was possible (and it was!) and Ginny was over the moon that her fiancé proposed in her favorite bookstore in DC.

In a hotel

Steve planned his proposal on the rooftop of the Hay Adams and booked a full session inside the historic hotel. Hotels have so many possibilities, from their gorgeous lobby to their restaurants or bars, you can get a very cozy vibe, perfect for winter proposals! Check out Steve and Leslie’s proposal at the Hay Adams.

The National Mall

Tidal Basin

It doesn’t take anyone who’s visiting Washington DC long to learn about the Tidal Basin. While they are best known for the abundance of cherry blossoms in the Spring, this waterway is a beautiful proposal location in the heart of Washington DC. I recommend planning your proposal during cherry blossom season when possible, but if your romantic proposal falls during any other time of year, the Tidal Basin is definitely still a place worth seeing!

Watergate Steps

The Watergate Steps behind the Lincoln Memorial is a good hidden jam and a pretty quiet location. This unique location offers a stunning view of the Potomac River and the Lincoln Memorial, making it a memorable backdrop for your special moment.

Downtown DC

DC City Center

DC City Center at night is all lit up, which makes the location magical. If you’re thinking about popping the question surrounded by a thousand lights, this is the spot. Winter just adds a cozy vibe with all the holiday lights, making it feel like the perfect time for something special. The best part? Nighttime is the right time. So, if you’re planning to make your move and create a memory that’s not just a proposal but a whole experience, DC City Center after dark is where the magic happens. Trust me, it’s unforgettable. Check Nick’s proposal to see for yourself.

The Kennedy Center

Imagine proposing on the outdoor terrace, with panoramic views of the river, the National Mall, and the city’s skyline. As the sun sets and the city’s lights begin to twinkle, your proposal at the Kennedy Center will be a blend of sophistication, culture, and romance! The Kennedy Center and its adjacent location, The Reach, offer a lot of different settings. If you really want to be on the top of it, literally, you can plan your proposal on the rooftop of the building, just like Corey and Samantha’s proposal.


Georgetown has many possibilities. Between the waterfront, Georgetown University, and one of their historical bars or restaurants, the proposal planner has a lot to choose from. Check out Jocat’s Proposal in Georgetown, by the C&O canal.

Tudor Place

Tudor Place is one of my favorite locations in Georgetown. Not only it provides a historic and stately backdrop for your proposal, but you will love its well-preserved architecture and meticulously maintained gardens. As you wander through the formal gardens and explore the charming outbuildings, you’ll discover a setting that exudes timeless charm and sophistication. Tudor Place offers a picturesque atmosphere, complete with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and the tranquility of a historic setting. And for the little story, this location was where my husband and I decided to do a pre-wedding session. That’s how much I love this place!

Georgetown Waterfront

The Georgetown waterfront, also known as Washington Harbor, provides an abundance of things to do and see. Whether it’s live music, fine dining, or ice skating in the winter, there are plenty of cute proposal locations scattered throughout this Washington DC neighborhood.

Georgetown is also a great location to propose with its tiny streets and quiet corners. During my consultation calls, I can give a lot more locations depending on your preferences, your history and where you love to be together.

Key Bridge

Spanning the river between Washington DC and Arlington, Virginia, the Francis Scott Key Bridge (better known as just Key Bridge) provides a beautiful backdrop for your engagement photos. Completed in 1923, Key Bridge was designed with an elegant and simple Classical design and was named after the author of our nation’s theme song. The bridge creates the perfect proposal location after you’ve enjoyed a picnic on the river or a walk along trails.


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