6 Questions I Always Ask My Couples

Choosing to go on the journey of capturing a couple’s love story on their wedding day is a privilege and a responsibility I hold dear as a wedding photographer. Each wedding is unique, and understanding the couple’s vision, preferences, and dynamics is crucial.

In this blog post, I’ll share the six questions I always ask my couples to ensure that their special day is immortalized in a way that resonates with their love story.

By Natasha Lamalle Photography

1. Why did you choose this Wedding Venue?

This is always my first question. It’s really important to me to understand why you picked a location over another one. Nature vs Urban. Maryland vs DC. A Winery vs a Brewery. You get where I’m going. It says a lot about you as a couple and it’s a great way to break the ice and start getting to know you and the day that you are planning.

2. How is Wedding Photography Important to You?

You might think that because you are looking for a photographer, it must be important to you. Well, I found that some people (and that’s totally ok), are just looking for a wedding photographer and don’t want to put too much thought or don’t want to spend hours searching. I get it, it’s draining to interview and find reliable vendors. That’s why if I feel like you don’t want to waste any time, I give you all the information you need and we go from there. Or maybe wedding photography is the most important vendor at your wedding and we will spend hours talking about how you want your day captured. Either way, I will adapt to you and what you need from a wedding photographer.

3. How You Want Your Wedding Photography To Feel Like?

Understanding my couple’s vision is the cornerstone of my approach. Whether they envision a timeless and classic aesthetic or a more contemporary and creative style, this question sets the tone for how I will capture their love story. Discussing specific preferences helps me tailor my photography to their unique vision. At my core, I’m a documentary photographer but knowing what my couples want (from no posing at all to incorporating a long portrait session with several locations) is very important to me.

4. What Are You Looking Forward to on Your Wedding Day?

Every couple has specific moments and details that hold sentimental value. Whether it’s a shared glance, a particular location, or a cherished family heirloom, knowing what matters most to them allows me to prioritize and highlight these elements throughout the day. Maybe all you want is to get to your wedding reception because you love music more than anything else… Well, that’s good to know and will capture everybody’s dance moves! Or you are getting ready with your best friends and that’s important to you… Then, it is for me too!

5. What’s Your Comfort Level with Posing?

Posing can be a personal preference, and I want my couples to feel at ease in front of the camera. By gauging their comfort level, I can tailor my approach to ensure that the poses we choose reflect their personalities and the authentic connection they share.

6. Do You Have Any Special Requests or Surprises Planned?

Surprises and unique requests add an extra layer of excitement to a wedding day. Whether it’s a surprise dance, a heartfelt letter exchange, or a special moment reserved just for the two of them, knowing about these elements allows me to be in the right place at the right time, capturing these unforgettable surprises.

By Natasha Lamalle Photography

As a wedding photographer, these questions serve as my compass, guiding me to create a visual love story that is uniquely crafted for each couple. The intimate insights gained from these conversations help me navigate the intricacies of their relationship, ensuring that the images captured resonate with the couple’s vision, emotions, and the essence of their love.


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