5 Tips for a Successful Unplugged Wedding

As an experienced wedding photographer, I always appreciate when my couple asks their guests to put their phones away. Being present during the wedding ceremony is fundamental for many reasons. Not only everyone can enjoy a moment screen-free but as your photographer, I always appreciate not having to compete with an aunt or a friend trying to capture a crucial moment, which usually ends up ruining my shot.

If you’re considering having an unplugged wedding, this blog post will explore the benefits and present five important tips to ensure a successful and memorable device-free experience on your special day.

Embrace the Intimacy

One of the main benefits of an unplugged wedding is the increased intimacy it fosters. When guests are not preoccupied with capturing moments on their devices, they become fully present and emotionally engaged in the celebration. This creates an atmosphere where everyone can share in the joy and connect on a deeper level. Embrace the opportunity to create an intimate and shared experience that will be cherished by both you and your guests.

Communicate Clearly

To ensure a smooth transition into an unplugged wedding, clear communication is key. Include a note in your wedding invitations or create signage at the venue entrance politely requesting guests to refrain from using their devices during the ceremony and reception. Additionally, appoint ushers or wedding party members to politely remind guests of the unplugged policy. By setting expectations early and clearly communicating your wishes, you can avoid any misunderstandings or potential disruptions.

Designate a Social Media Ambassador

If you still want to incorporate social media into your wedding, designate a social media ambassador. This person can be responsible for capturing and sharing key moments on a designated wedding hashtag or through a private group. This way, you can still have a curated social media presence while allowing your guests to be fully present without feeling the need to document every moment themselves. Content creators are also a new thing at weddings! I have a few people I’ve worked with and would love to help you find the right person.

Hire a Professional Videographer

While an unplugged wedding allows guests to be fully present, it’s still essential to capture the memories of the day. Invest in a professional videographer who can expertly document all the significant moments. A videographer can capture the atmosphere, emotions, and intricate details, allowing you to relive the day through a beautifully edited film. I love working with videographers as I feel like they can complement my photography work.

Share Professional Photos and Videos

After the wedding, share professional photos and videos with your guests as a way to thank them for respecting your unplugged request. Create a dedicated online gallery or share a highlights reel through social media or email. This gesture allows guests to enjoy and reminisce over the captured moments while appreciating the professional quality of the imagery. When I deliver my online galleries to my couples, they only have to click “share” and send a link to their email lists, and voilà! Everybody has access to the day and can find their photos.

Deciding to have an unplugged wedding is a personal choice that can enhance the overall experience and create a deeper connection among guests. By embracing intimacy, clearly communicating your wishes, hiring a professional photographer, creating a device check-in station, and sharing professional photos after the wedding, you can ensure a successful device-free celebration.

Remember, an unplugged wedding allows everyone to fully immerse themselves in the joy and love that surrounds your special day, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.


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