10 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

Congratulations on taking the plunge into engagement bliss! Now that you’ve got (or you gave) that shiny ring, it’s time to kick back, soak in the love, and start thinking about the big day ahead.

As a DC proposal photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of love stories unfold, and trust me, this post-engagement period is prime time for some serious celebration and planning. So, here are 10 laid-back things to do after saying “yes” that’ll pave the way for an unforgettable wedding and a lifetime of happiness together. Let’s dive in!

Celebrate the Moment: Pop the Bubbly!

The first order of business is to celebrate the joyous occasion. Whether it’s an intimate dinner, a gathering with loved ones, or a spontaneous dance party in your living room, take the time to revel in the magic of saying ‘yes’ to forever. Maybe check my list of “Date Ideas in DC” and reserve a nice restaurant or get a ticket for a concert with your favorite artist.

Share the News with Loved Ones

Once you’ve basked in the initial glow, spread the love by sharing the news with your nearest and dearest. Make a list of family and friends you want to personally inform, and consider hosting a small get-together or an engagement announcement on social media to include everyone.

In my proposal packages, I always include a few sneak-peek photos so my couples can share the news immediately with a great set of images, showing the moment. There is nothing more precious than being able to show one of the peaks of your life!

Get Your Ring Sized and Insured

Ensure your engagement ring fits perfectly by getting it sized if necessary. Additionally, consider getting the ring insured to protect this precious symbol of your commitment.

Discuss Wedding Visions

Take some time to dream together about your ideal wedding. Discuss themes, locations, and the overall atmosphere you envision for your special day. This conversation will set the foundation for your wedding planning journey.

From my experience, if the couple is not originally from DC, it sometimes can be hard to decide whether you want to do a “destination” wedding in DC and make everyone travel to you or go back to your home state to be closer to your family. It’s a big decision and the best advice would be to make a list of pros and cons.

Set a Budget

Weddings can be expensive, so it’s crucial to establish a budget early on. Consider your financial situation and priorities, and decide on a realistic budget that aligns with your vision for the celebration. That might help you decide your location: planning a wedding in DC proper can be very expensive so if you’d like to save some money, definitely look in Maryland or Virginia.

Create a Preliminary Guest List

Start compiling a preliminary guest list. While it doesn’t have to be final at this stage, having an estimate will help when selecting a venue and planning other aspects of your wedding, and also set a realistic budget.

Pick a Date or Season

Selecting a date or even a preferred season can be a game-changer in your wedding planning. It helps when securing venues and vendors and provides a clear timeline for the rest of your preparations. In Washington DC, spring and fall are very popular wedding dates so if you want more options, maybe consider getting married during the winter or the summer, knowing that you’ll have to find an indoor venue. Historic venues in DC are perfect for off-season weddings.

Engagement Photoshoot

Hire a DC engagement photographer to capture the magic of your engagement with a photoshoot. This is a fun and sentimental way to commemorate this special time in your lives. Not only it will allow you to get to know your wedding photographer, but it’s also a great experience to celebrate your wedding planning journey. Still not sure if you need one? Read my 5 reasons why you should consider planning an engagement session in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

If the idea of planning a wedding feels overwhelming or you need to stay within budget, consider hiring a wedding planner. They can guide you through the process, offer valuable insights, and help bring your vision to life. They help you find the right budget and financial goals so you don’t go over and start stressing out about your plans. They will find vendors that fit all the boxes or coordinate them for you. There is nothing more precious than having a wedding planner by your side during this process.

Start a Wedding Planning Journal

Create a wedding planning journal to keep track of ideas, inspirations, and to-do lists. This journal can be a valuable resource throughout your planning journey and a beautiful keepsake to cherish in the years to come. Keep notes, quotes, memories, and dates, it’s always fun to go back to these intense memories years later!

Getting engaged is like stepping into the first chapter of your very own love story—a tale filled with laughter, dreams, and endless adventures together. By popping the champagne, spreading the word, and checking off these must-do tasks, you’re not just gearing up for a fabulous wedding but also ensuring a stress-free planning journey. If you are looking for a wedding or engagement photographer, shoot me an email through my contact page.


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