Surprise Proposal at the Arboretum

As a proposal photographer in Washington DC, I have many ideal locations when it comes to planning a session during the cherry blossom season. Chan wanted somewhere intimate but didn’t want the Tidal Basin crowd to hijack his proposal. I sent him my articles on the “8 Best Locations for DC Cherry Blossom Photos (apart from the Tidal Basin)” and we settled on the National Arboretum, in the southwest of DC.

National Arboretum Proposal Planning

Planning a proposal at the National Arboretum is quite simple: all you need is to send an email to to request your permit based on an hourly rate (count $105 for up to an hour). For a proposal session, I offer to pick up the permit, as it would be awkward for you to bring your partner to obtain a photo permit. Simply inform the Arboretum, and they will authorize me to handle the check-in process for you. You can learn more about photo permits in DC here.

Spring Bouquet delivered during the proposal

I loved the Chan added a spring bouquet from Ambiana Floral, a great wedding florist in the DMV. I partner with Maud to create a personalized bouquet for Chan. He wanted the colors to match his girlfriend’s potential dress and the cherry trees. I delivered the bouquet myself after he proposed, and Priyanka was over the moon. Not only did the bouquet smell really good, but it also provided a little décor for the portrait. I loved that I could also use it for the ring shot.

Add a mini-session after your proposal

Chan invested in the second package, which allows you to have a mini-engagement session right after the proposal. This allows you to go to a second location next to the proposal spot! The Arboretum has so many locations, so it was easy to find a second one: the National Columns, a very historic site in Washington DC. Learn more about my proposal services here.

If you are looking for a creative and artistic proposal photographer, I’m your person. Take a look at my proposal service page and inquire from there!


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